About Us

We are a husband and wife team working together. How do we do it? Living together and running a business? It helps that we are best friends – and we’ve agreed not to fire each other!

It isn't easy, we run a tight ship. We deal directly with all stockists, suppliers, customers and social media platforms. We attend all our trade shows and appointments, whilst both working our ‘day jobs’. Crazy? Just a little.

We don't have agents, distributors or manufacturer in bulk. SnugÏpops are 100% handmade, consisting only of a sewing machine to finish. Each unique design has been handdrawn and we double check each and everyone before they are lovingly folded and packaged. Sustainablity is a high priority for us -  even our packaging is environmentally friendly recyled paper !

We think things are pretty rad here at snugÏpops HQ! From the farming all the way to the production. Please read about 'Our Story' which details more about the products used in our snugÏpops and the Certifications they hold.

When you support our business, know that you are supporting Australia's Economy, Australian Businesses and Families, protecting the environment and of course your beautiful bubs.